• From Wood to Food

    From Wood to Food

    Arbiom converts abundant non-food biomass (forestry and agriculture residue) to address the challenges of producing sustainable food and feed and bio-based materials

  • Enabling the Bio-based Economy

    Enabling the Bio-based Economy

    Arbiom unlocks new, high-value opportunities for abundant, renewable biomass to provide food and feed ingredients, bio-based chemicals and materials industries with environmentally-friendly source choices

  • The New Model For a Local and Sustainable Industry

    The New Model For a Local and Sustainable Industry

    Arbiom is a socially responsible company that is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs in rural communities and contribute to the overall social well-being of the world.

  • Expanded Opportunities for Sustainable Forestry

    Expanded Opportunities for Sustainable Forestry

    Arbiom develops solutions to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products from wood and provides new, higher value opportunities from woody biomass.

  • Creating Jobs and Stimulating Local Economies

    Creating Jobs and Stimulating Local Economies

    Arbiom creates jobs for local communities from plant operations and construction. The company is committed to sourcing materials locally, serving to further stimulate the local economy.

Arbiom’s biomass processing technology enables the conversion of non-food biomass into sustainable food and feed, advanced bio-based chemicals and materials.

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Bridging the gap between agronomy and industry, opening up an era of renewable carbon-based and environmentally aware chemical and advanced material production.

Arbiom is a company bridging the gap between agronomy and industry.

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A combination of strong biotechnology and biomass processing expertise.

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A socially responsible company engaged in the emerging bioeconomy.

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