Our Mission

To enable the bioeconomy for sustainable, bio-based products.

Our Vision

Arbiom was founded as the preferred source of competitive and sustainable C5 and C6 sugars and lignin products to established and emerging bio-based chemicals and materials industries. Arbiom unlocks new, high-value opportunities for abundant, renewable biomass to provide bio-based chemicals and materials industries with more environmentally friendly choices, effectively becoming the enabler of the sustainable bioeconomy. Arbiom bridges the gap between non-food biomass and consumer products made with sustainable, bio-based chemicals and materials.

Our Solution

The patented Arbiom “bio-compatible” process operates at low temperatures to optimally unlock the chemical value of all fractions of non-food biomass. The Arbiom process produces sugar and lignin that meet or exceed industry demand in terms of quality, performance and cost, while offering an alternative to current sources that compete with food and feed solutions.

Who We Are

Arbiom developed its “bio-compatible” technology by combining the biomass processing expertise of Virginia-based OptaFuel with the biotechnology acumen of France–based Arbiom SAS. The resources of OptaFuels and Arbiom France, along with the establishment of the Arbiom Applications Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, provide solutions across the bio-based chemicals and materials spectrum.

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