Dr. Stéphane Blesa, Director of Biotechnology


Stéphane leads the enzyme development efforts and is the head of the biotechnology R&D laboratory located in Evry, France. He was the first employee of Biométhodes when he joined in 1998. Stéphane is a specialist in molecular evolution with more than 15 years experience in the field and is co-inventor of Massive Mutagenesis, a proprietary technology dedicated to the building of nucleic diversity (mutant libraries) used by Arbiom for its enzyme development. Prior to the focus on biorefinery technology, Stéphane served as project manager and technical director for projects in the areas of biocatalysis, enzymology and engineering of therapeutic proteins amongst others, for major pharmaceutical and agrochemistry companies (including GSK, Sanofi-Aventis, Biomérieux, Roquette, Adisseo and AB-Enzymes). He is co-inventor of several patents describing mutated proteins (enzymes and therapeutics). Stephane received his PhD in molecular biology and microbiology from the University of Bordeaux.

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