Dr. Lisette Tenlep, Senior Research Director


Lisette has expertise in biomass conversion technologies, downstream processing technologies and analytical chemistry techniques. Prior to Arbiom, Lisette was at Blue Sugars Corp (formerly KL Energy) where she was part of the R&D team optimizing and developing Blue Sugars’ licensed dilute acid pretreatment technology for various feedstocks. During her employment at Blue Sugars, she developed enzyme applications methods for bioethanol production from sugar cane bagasse and other feedstocks; she lead and developed dilute acid pretreatment technologies for eucalyptus bark & chips, bamboo chips & fines, hard – and softwood for various partners; and she developed and implemented Blue Sugars’ biomass physicochemical analyses. Lisette received her BSc and MS degree in Chemistry from the University of Siegen in Germany. She earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry with emphasis on pretreatment strategies of lignocellulosic biomass from South Dakota State University.

October 27, 2017

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September 25, 2017

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