Henry Majdeski, Senior VP of Development








Hank has a broad background in bio-products, bio ethanol, power, emission control, and process industries in the development and implementation of technologies into commercial applications. Prior to Arbiom, Hank had a leadership role in the deployment of Solazyme’s disruptive algal technology into its first commercial plant in Brazil as well as providing a management role of Solazyme’s engineering group. Prior to Solazyme, Hank was responsible for the implementation of Delta-T bioethanol technology in international applications throughout the world including business development activities and contract execution. His role there also included managing technology exchange efforts and agreements with several firms. Prior to Delta-T, Hank had engineering group management, product management, and project engineering/management responsibilities for companies providing flue gas desulfurization, gasification, municipal and hazardous waste incineration, small power projects, gypsum wallboard manufacturing, and other industrial processing. Hank received his B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Youngstown State University and is a registered engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

October 27, 2017

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September 25, 2017

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